Gilaki language

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گیلٚکی زٚوان (ɡilɵki zɵvān)
Gilaki in Nastaliq style (گیلکی)
Native toIran, province of Gilan and parts of the province of Mazandaran and Qazvin also Alborz
RegionSouthwest coast of the Caspian Sea
Ethnicity4.6 million Gilaki (2021)[1]
Native speakers
2.55 million (2021)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3glk
Areas where Gilaki is spoken as the mother tongue
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Gilaki (گیلٚکي زٚوؤن; ɡilɵki zɵvön) is an Iranian language spoken in south of the Caspian Sea by the Gilak people.[2][3] Gilaki language is closely related to Mazandarani.[4][2] Both languages have similar vocabularies and share some features with Caucasian languages.[5][6][7]

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