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A girl from Portugal.
Polish girl

A girl is a young female human, either a child or a teenager. Little girls still have the body of a child. It is not until they reach puberty (perhaps around age 11 to 13) that their bodies start to mature and they become a woman. During puberty, a girl develops breasts, their hips and shoulders widen and they begin to have periods.

Although girls typically have a vagina, some intersex children with ambiguous genitals, and genetically male transgender children may also be classified or self-identify as a girl.

Overview[change | change source]

The word "girl" was used a long time ago by some people called Anglo Saxons. Sometimes older people still refer to grown up women as "girls", especially in expressions such as "a night out with the girls".

The opposite of a girl is a boy. A boy is a male child who will grow into a man.

The way girls are brought up will be vary a lot between different cultures. In Western cultures, a girl traditionally wears a dress or skirt. However, many girls wear trousers (pants) these days, like boys, especially when dressed informally. Girls often grow their hair longer than boys, although this can vary a lot according to quickly changing fashions.

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