Glossary of vexillology

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Vexillology is the study and collection of information about flags. This is a glossary of terms used in vexillology.

Parts of a flag

Basic patterns[change | change source]

Flags often inherit traits seen in traditional European designs. As a result, patterns often share names.

Name Illustration Example
Border/bordure Flag type border.svg Flag of Maldives.svg
Flag of Maldives
Canton Flag type canton.svg Flag of Australia.svg
Flag of Australia
Quadrisection Flag type quadrisection.svg Flag of Panama.svg
Flag of Panama
Greek cross

(couped cross)

Flag type Greek cross.svg Flag of Switzerland.svg
Flag of Switzerland
Symmetric cross Flag type symmetric cross.svg Flag of Georgia.svg
Flag of Georgia
Nordic cross Flag type Nordic Cross.svg Flag of Iceland.svg
Flag of Iceland
Pale Flag type pale.svg Flag of Canada.svg
Flag of Canada
Fess Flag type fess.svg Flag of Austria.svg
Flag of Austria
Bend Flag type bend sinister.svg Flag of Tanzania.svg
Flag of Tanzania
Chevron Flag type chevron.svg Flag of the Philippines.svg
Flag of Philippines
Pall Flag type pall.svg Flag of South Africa.svg
Flag of South Africa
Saltire Flag type saltire.svg Flag of Scotland.svg
Flag of Scotland

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