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Two goalball players stretch to the left to stop the ball.
Goalballer Sarah Kennedy (Qld) makes a save for Australia at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games
A goalballer throws the ball forward.
Goalballer Raelene Bock (NSW) competes for Australia at the 1996 Summer Paralympics

Goalball is a sport for people who cannot see. It is played by men and women. Each team has three people on it. A team throws the ball at a goal behind the people on the different team. They get a point if the ball goes in the goal. The ball has a bell in it. Players cannot see the ball: they can hear the bell. They use their body to stop the ball. People wear glasses that make it so player can see anything.[1]

People who cannot see who can play goalball[change | change source]

Seeing types
Type What
B1 completely unable to see
B2 used-in-seeing acuity of less than 2/60
B3 used-in-seeing acuity of 2/60 to 6/60

References[change | change source]

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