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Google Assistant is an A.I. assistant developed by Google, Inc.. It encompasses a wide variety of different tasks, such as rolling dice, reading reminders, Mad Libs, Lucky Trivia (includes a sports version), Snake, a geography quiz, and many more. It can also look up songs, including Never Gonna Give You Up.

Response[change | change source]

If one says, "Ok Google", "Hey Google", "Google" etc., it responses as, "Hi, how can I help?"

Search[change | change source]

Google Assistant can help one to show results with voice searching.

Navigation[change | change source]

In navigation, Google Assistant can help. For example, when one says, "I'm hungry", "Restaurants nearby" etc., Assistant will show restaurants near his home. It can also help with telling the shortest distance between the location and the destination.

Interesting facts[change | change source]

If one says, "I'm bored", Assistant can show him interesting facts, jokes, riddles etc. to make him free from boredom.

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