Google Drawings

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Google drawings is a website with a lot of web pages. It is usually used for mind maps and drawings. Google drawings has a  function that lets you make lots of shapes however big or small you want them to be. It was made on April 12th 2010. Google drawings is a free website. You start with a blank page and then start drawing. It is available as a web application and as a desktop application on Google's Chrome OS.

Tools[change | change source]

  • Shapes Tool - It lets you make any shapes
  • Lines Tool - Draws a simple line
  • Drawing Tool - Draw anything
  • Images Inserter - Puts whatever picture that the mouse selects
  • Text Box  - Makes a box which can write inside of
  • Share tool - Share the pages with friends
  • Help Tool - Click get help if need help if there is a problem click report a problem if someone is saying something mean click report abuse/copyright
  • Bold - (ctrl + B) makes all writing in bold text
  • Underline - (ctrl + U) Underlines the text
  • Italics - (ctrl + I) Turns your text into italics
  • Colour text - puts a variety of different colours on the screen, pick a colour and your text will be that colour.  

Facts[change | change source]

  • Google Drawings is a website made for students and teachers to use anyone can download their work as JPEGs and PNGs
  • Its free
  • You can share your work with people and you can choose if they can edit it or just see it
  • You can edit and improve your work in real time with the people that you choose
  • Google drawings can have a transparent background and different colour backgrounds
  • Google drawings still exist today, No one knows when google drawings will disappear.
  • It is translated into 37 different languages

History[change | change source]

Google drawings was first released on 12th April 2010. On January 7th 2019, Google Drawings was added to Google Docs.