Gopal Gurung

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Gopal Gurung
Born(1939-12-07)December 7, 1939
Darjeeling, India
Died10 June 2016(2016-06-10) (aged 80)
Alka Hospital, Lalitpur, Nepal
LanguageNepali, Hindi and English
ResidenceLalitpur, Nepal
EducationM.A. Political science
Alma materkolkata University

Gopal Gurung (Nepali: गोपाल गुरुङ) (Dec 07, 1939 – June 10, 2016) was a indian christian journalist, author, politician and futurist of global politics. He led the fight against the racial discrimination to indigenous Brahmins and Kshetris (Indo-Aryans).[1] He was the founder president of Mongoliyan National Organisation (MNO) and the first pioneer of republican Nepal.[2]

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