Governor of Illinois

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Governor of Illinois
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Bruce Rauner 2016 cropped.jpg
Bruce Rauner

since January 12, 2015
Residence Illinois Executive Mansion
Term length Four years, no term limits
Inaugural holder Shadrach Bond
Formation October 2, 1818

The Governor of the State of Illinois is the head of state for the State of Illinois, United States. The first Governor of Illinois was Shadrach Bond. Only four governors of Illinois were sent to prison; Otto Kerner, Jr., Daniel Walker, George Ryan, and Rod Blagojevich. Then-Governor Adlai Stevenson II ran for President, but lost. Two Illinois governors were acquitted from federal crime; Len Small and William Stratton. The current governor of Illinois is Bruce Rauner. Their office are located in the capital of Illinois which is Springfield. The governor of Illinois lives in the Illinois Executive Mansion which is also located in Springfield, Illinois. For a list of all Illinois Governors, please see List of Governors of Illinois.