Grace Adler

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Grace Elizabeth Adler
Will & Grace character
First appearance"Pilot"
Last appearance"Finale"
Created byDavid Kohan
Max Mutchnick
Portrayed byDebra Messing
Nickname(s)Gracie, G, Gracious
OccupationInterior designer
FamilyMartin Adler (father)
Bobbi Adler (mother)
Janet Adler (sister)
Joyce Adler (sister)
Spouse(s)Dr. Leo Markus (husband)
James Hanson (ex-husband)
ChildrenLila Markus (daughter)
Ben Truman (son-in-law)

Grace Elizabeth Adler is a character from Will & Grace played by Debra Messing. She was married with doctor, Dr. Leo Markus and lived with Will and friends with Jack and Karen.