Karen Walker

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Karen Walker
First appearance "Pilot; Love and Marriage"
Last appearance "Finale"
Created by Max Mutchnick
Portrayed by Megan Mullally
Nickname(s) Kare; Miss Karen; Kare Bear, Kiki
Aliases Anastasia Beaverhausen
Occupation Chairman, CEO, and Board Member of Walker, Inc.
Personal Assistant to Grace Adler
Personal Assistant to Jack McFarland for Out TV (fired)
  • Mr. St. Croix (ex-husband)
  • Dick Popeil (ex-husband)
  • Stanley Walker (ex-husband - 1st time)
  • Lyle Finster (ex-husband)
  • Stanley Walker (ex-husband - 2nd time)
Children Mason Walker (step-son)
Olivia Walker (step-daughter)
Lorraine Finster (former step-daughter)
Relatives Lois Whitley (mother)
Sylvia Walker (mother-in-law)
Kimmie Walker (sister-in-law)
Ginny Whitley (sister)
Jonny Walker (brother-in-law)
Berry (cousin)
Gina (Cousin).

Karen Delaney St. Croix Popeil Finster Walker or Karen Delaney was a character on the NBC television series Will & Grace. She was played by Megan Mullally. Karen was a friend with gay actor and dancer, Jack McFarland. She was in a relationship with Stanley Walker but ended it and married Beverley.

Karen appears with Megan Mullally in The Megan Mullally Show.