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Guity Novin, 2009

Guity Novin (born Guity Navran), is a Persian-Canadian painter and sculptor. She has started a movement in painting that she has named Transpressionism. She was born in Kermanshah, Iran, in 1944. She now lives and works in Vancouver and Toronto. Guity Novin was graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Tehran in 1970. After leaving Iran, she moved to The Hague, Netherlands in 1975, and then to Manchester, UK where she completed her studies.

She moved to Canada in 1980 and lived and exhibited in Kingston (Ontario), Montreal, and Ottawa and finally settled in Vancouver, British Columbia.

She has introduced the Transpressionism style in 1994. By using this style she tries to convey her passionate philosophical ideas.[1] The work of Guity Novin is full of inspiration and revelation. The viewer can feel the feeling of a universe that is not completely unfamiliar. This is an ideal universe. As an artist Guity Novin knows how to interpret the myths and legends. These are produced by our common human experiences. They remind us that the true art is at the service of humanity. Her work is a search in our collective human memories to find out what is it that connect us, and forces us to live in peace and harmony. Such memories unite us in our experiences of our pains and joys. The Transpressionist works are made to open up to us this ideal world and, finally, to extend the areas of unexplored possibilities.

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