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Hala Gorani

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Hala Gorani
Born (1970-03-01) 1 March 1970 (age 54)
OccupationNews anchor
WebsiteCNN's Hala Gorani

Hala Basha-Gorani [1] (Arabic: هالة غوراني; born 1 March 1970), is an American reporter for CNN International. She is based in the network's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. She anchors CNN International's International Desk.


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Gorani was born in Seattle, Washington, United States. Her parents are Syrians from Aleppo.[1] Gorani was mainly raised in Paris. She lived also in Algeria. Her name Hala is a common Arabic name which means halo.

She speaks English, French and Arabic (though she can not read it). She currently lives in Atlanta. French novelist Yann Moix dedicated his first novel Jubilation Vers le Ciel to Gorani in 1996.

She has established herself as a Middle East specialist and covered the Hezbollah-Israel war in the summer of 2006 from Lebanon as the main anchor for CNN International, helping the network's coverage of the Middle East win an award for "Excellence in Journalism".

Gorani also reports from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. In April 2007, she led CNN's coverage of the 2007 French presidential election. Gorani avoids discussing her political and religious views, saying the job needs her to be neutral.[1]


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