Hetepheres I

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Hetepheres I
Chair of Queen Hetepheres I
Carryng chair of Hetepheres I. This object was a gift from her son Khufu.
Queen of Egypt
IssuePrincess Hetepheres
Full name
Hetepheres I of Egypt
ReligionAncient Egyptian religion

Hetepheres I ("Her Face Is Satisfied") was a Queen of Ancient Egypt. She lived during the 4th dynasty of Egypt, but she was born at the end of the 3rd dynasty.

Family[change | change source]

The father of Hetepheres was Pharaoh Huni, and her mother was Queen Djefatnebti. Hetepheres married her half-brother Sneferu. With him, she was a mother of Princess Hetepheres, who she named after herself. Sneferu and Hetepheres I also had a son, Khufu, who was Sneferu's successor.

One granddaughter of Hetepheres I was named Hetepheres II, and she was a daughter of Khufu.

Titles[change | change source]

  • King's Mother
  • Mother of the Dual King
  • Attendant of Horus
  • God's Daughter of His Body