Hijan Hirao

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Hijan Hirao
Original titleHichan Hilao[1]
CountryAncient Manipur (historical)
India (current)
LanguageMeitei language

"Hijan Hirao" (Meitei: ꯍꯤꯖꯟ ꯍꯤꯔꯥꯎ), also spelt as "Hichan Hilao"[1] (Meitei: ꯍꯤꯆꯟ ꯍꯤꯂꯥꯎ), is a Meitei poetry text (puya), about the cutting down of a tree and crafting it into a boat.[1][2][3][4] The poetic verse of the text is sung at the end of the religious festival of Lai Haraoba.[1]

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