Hillsborough Castle

Coordinates: 54°27′41″N 6°05′10″W / 54.46127°N 6.08604°W / 54.46127; -6.08604
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Hillsborough Castle
The official entrance of Hillsborough Castle
Hillsborough Castle is located in Northern Ireland
Hillsborough Castle
Location in Northern Ireland
General information
LocationRoyal Hillsborough, County Down, Northern Ireland,  United Kingdom
Coordinates54°27′41″N 6°05′10″W / 54.46127°N 6.08604°W / 54.46127; -6.08604
OwnerKing Charles III in right of the Crown[1]

Hillsborough Castle is an official government residence in Northern Ireland. It was the residence of the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.[1] Hillsborough Castle is used by King Charles III and other members of the British Royal Family when they visit the country and also hosts other prominent international visitors.

History[change | change source]

From 1922 until 1972 it was the residence of Governor of Northern Ireland.

In April 2014 it started being taken care of by the Historic Royal Palaces. It can be viewed by the public who paid for entrance to tour it.[2][3]

Notes[change | change source]

1.^ The Secretary of State combines two roles. He or she is the sovereign's representative, replacing the former Governor of Northern Ireland, and he or she is the Minister of the Crown with responsibility for governing Northern Ireland.

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