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Sir Arthur Henry Hugh Cortazzi GCMG (born 2 May 1924) is a British diplomat, businessman, academic, author and Japanologist.

He was Ambassador from the United Kingdom to Japan (1980–84), President of the Asiatic Society of Japan (1982–1983) and Chairman of the Japan Society of London (1985–95).[1]

Career[change | change source]

In 1947, Cortazzi joined the Foreign Office.[1]

The British Foreign Office posted Cortazzi to:

Cortazzi was made Deputy Under-Secretary of State, in 1975. He became the British Ambassador to Japan in 1980. He spent the next four years in Tokyo.[1]

Selected works[change | change source]

Sir Hugh has written, edited, translated or contributed to books on the diplomatic history of Japan and the United Kingdom. He also wrote about Japanese history and culture.

In an overview derived from writings by and about Hugh Cortazzi, OCLC/WorldCatencompasses roughly 60+ works in 100+ publications in 4 languages and 4,000+ library holdings.[2]

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