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Hefner in May 2009

Hugh Marston Hefner (born April 9, 1926) is the founder of Playboy Magazine and its Editor-in-Chief.[1]

Birth and education[change | change source]

Hefner was born to Glenn Hefner, an accountant, and Grace (Swanson) Hefner, a teacher, on April 9, 1926 in Chicago, Illinois. He was raised in Chicago. Hefner served in the US Army (1944 - 1946). He attended the Art Institute of Chicago (1946), the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, earning a BA in Psychology (1949), and Northwestern University, 1949.[1]

Marriages and children[change | change source]

Hefner in 1976

He married Mildred Williams (June 25, 1949 - 1959, divorced); Kimberley Conrad (July 1, 1989 - September 2009, divorced); and Crystal Harris (December 31, 2012 - present).[1]

He has several children. With Mildred, he has David Paul (August 30, 1955) and Christie Ann (November 8, 1952). With Kimberley, he has Cooper Bradford (September 4, 1991) and Marston Glenn (April 9, 1990).[1]

Hefner is a distant relative of George W. Bush and John Kerry.[2]

Career[change | change source]

Hefner in December 2007

He owns a multi-million mansion called the Playboy Mansion. He was also the executive producer of Roman Polanski's 1971 film version of Macbeth. [3] Hefner has also appeared in cameos of himself in some movies.

When nude photographs of Jayne Mansfield on the set of Promises! Promises! were published in the June 1963 issue of Playboy, Hefner was hauled into Chicago city court on obscenity charges.[4][5]

In 2013 Hefner announced that his youngest son, Cooper would succeed him and eventually help run the Playboy Empire.[6]

Hefner supports legalizing same-sex marriage and he states that a fight for gay marriage is "a fight for all our rights. Without it, we will turn back the sexual revolution and return to an earlier, puritanical time."[7]

Hefner owns a burial plot next to Marilyn Monroe's grave in Los Angeles.[1]

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