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Editor-in-Chief Hugh Hefner
Categories Men's magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
Founder Hugh Hefner
Year founded 1953
First issue December 1953
Country United States
Based in Chicago, Illinois
Language English
Brazilian playmates, in 2009

Playboy is a monthly American men's magazine. It was founded by Hugh Hefner in Chicago, Illinois in 1953. Marilyn Monroe was the magazine's first cover model.

The magazine features articles about men's interests including politics, clothing, sports, consumer goods, public figures, and nude women.

In each issue, a provocative posed "Playmate of the Month" is featured in a pictorial several pages in length at the center of the magazine with an accompanying "centerfold" photograph. Unlike traditional pin up art, Playboy humanizes their models by describing their real world jobs, accomplishments, and goals.[1]

Hefner faced obscenity charges only once in his career. In 1960, he was hauled into a Chicago court after publishing nude photos of actress Jayne Mansfield on the set of Promises! Promises! He was acquitted.

Some people call Playboy pornographic but it is not.[2] Pornography shows real sex acts,[3] Playboy does not. Playboy models also do not masturbate or use sex toys in their pictures. Every month, Playboy selects a young woman as a "Playmate of the Month". Readers then vote for who they want to be the "Playmate of the Year" (PMOY). The PMOY issue is usually the June issue.[4]

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