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Temporal range: Lutetian–Priabonian
Albert Koch's imcomplete skeleton of Hydrarchos brachyspondylus in 1845
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Cetacea
Suborder: ?Archaeoceti
Genus: Hydrarchos
Koch, 1842
Binomial name
Zeuglodon brachyspondylus
Owen, 1839
Other species
  • Hydrarchos hydrarchus Kellogg, 1936 vide Uhen, 2005
  • Pontogeneus brachyspondylus
  • Basilosaurus brachyspondylus
  • Dorudon brachyspondylus
  • "Zeuglodon" brachyspondylus
  • Hydrarchos cetoides
  • Hydrarchos isis
  • Basilosaurus brachyspondylus
  • Zeuglodon hydrarchus
  • Basilosaurus hydrarchus

Hydrarchos (meaning "great sea-serpent") is a dubious genus of extinct cetacean of uncertain phylogenetic placement. It may have been an archaeocetan related to Basilosaurus and Dorudon. It has a disputed taxonomic history and is wwhat is known as a wastebasket taxon.

Its type skeleton may have been a chimera of multiple archaeocetans such as Basilosaurus, Pontogeneus and Zeuglodon respectively.

Hydrarchos is known from two specimens, the type: a few fossil vertebrae and a skeleton known from jumbled bones found in Florida before 1845.

Hydrarchos was described by Müller 1849 in the Paleobiology Database.