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You might be mistaken for the normal usage for Meme

A blank example of an internet meme.

An internet meme is something famous on the internet such as an image, a video, or even a person. Internet memes are usually created when someone published something and that thing was spread widely over the Internet. They usually consist of a funny picture, a top and a bottom text. Other uses consist of an editing video which replaces a word with an another meme, for example: Trump's inauguration speech but for every America there is someone screaming loudly.

Famous examples:

LOLcats, We are number one(Lazytown), Chuch testa, Chuck Norris, Bee movie, "Spongegar"/Spongebob, The Dab, Dr.Phil, "Earrape", Shrek/All-star, Shooting stars, Doge, Gabe the dog, Dance till you're dead, Illuminati/X-files theme song, I have a better idea, Let it grow, Cat in the hat(with a bat), The office, Michael Rosen, Youtube Poop(YTP), Spooky scary skeletons, Who you worry about vs., Wake me up inside, Dead/Damaged on the inside, We will get them next time!(C.O.D.), Running in the 90's, Spoderman(60's spiderman/Donald Duck comics), Suicide jokes/Bleach, Cannibal/Just DO IT!, Another one/I played myself, EPIC FAIL, Epic face,Troll face, Never gonna give you up (Rickroll), Election 2016/Obama, What in tarnation, y doh, TF2/Gmod, Epic sax guy, Rage comics, Pumpkin guy, Stars wars major deaths, Roblox (Death sound), Thomas the train, Sounds like music, Right in the child hood, Arthur's fist, Harambe, When this happens, DANK MEME, Smoke weed everyday/Snoop dog. Hipsters. Be careful who you call ugly in Middle school, School shooter tells/does, Pink guy.

In a way, the list is endless, memes are being created by the second!

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