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You might be looking for the general usage of Meme.

An internet meme is something famous on the internet such as an image, a video, or even a person. Internet memes are usually created when someone published something and that thing was shared widely over the Internet. They sometimes consist of an image with top and bottom text. While spreading over the internet, most internet memes 'evolve' over time, with the original image/video being changed in one way or another by people other than the creator. Every internet meme evolves and has many variants. See: Memes

An example of an image macro, once a common type of Internet meme.

Two other versions of Internet memes are "dank memes" and "dead memes". Dank memes are thought of as relevant and funny. Dead memes are thought of as not relevant or not funny, most of which haven't been uses in months or years. Dead memes, however, can become dank memes if used properly.

Some websites where internet memes can be shared include Reddit, 4chan, 9gag, and IFunny. A popular chatting service where internet memes can be shared is Discord, an instant messaging and communication platform. Memes on Discord are shared through images, videos, and GIFs, although these methods aren't only limited to Discord.

Types of Memes[change | change source]

There are many different types of internet memes. They include the following types.

Normie Meme[change | change source]

A normie meme is a meme that uses intentionally bad, unfunny, or low-quality content to joke about said content. Some parodies could also be called normie memes, but those are another thing entirely.

Dank meme[change | change source]

An example of an absurd meme
An example of a dank meme.

A dank meme is a meme that makes no sense, similar to an normie meme. Dank memes, however, are usually very strange, involving seemingly random concepts that have been established in internet culture.

some dank memes can be offensive like the troll meme and forever alone memes while other dank memes are not.

Shock Meme[change | change source]

A shock meme is a meme that is either racist, sexist or offensive to a race of people, These memes often include societal status, videos where random jump scares and/or loud noises suddenly happen, hobbies, or anything at all.

An example of a shock memes are memes involving [[suicide]. When searching for "suicide memes" on [[[Google]], the first results will be suicide hotlines. The search engine is assuming the person searching was contemplating suicide, when in fact they were just searching for memes.

Video Meme[change | change source]

A video meme is a meme spread through video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch. Short videos can also be shared on social media services that supports video, such as TikTok, Reddit, and Facebook.

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