Interstate 710 and State Route 710 (California)

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Interstate 710 and State Route 710 marker Interstate 710 and State Route 710 marker

Interstate 710 and State Route 710

Long Beach Freeway
Route information
Maintained by Caltrans
Length23 mi[source?] (37 km)
History1930s as highway, 1964 as a number (SR 7), 1983-1984 as an interstate (I-710)[1]
Main section
South end SR 47 in Long Beach
Major intersections
North endValley Boulevard in Alhambra
Pasadena stub
South endCalifornia Boulevard in Pasadena
North end I-210 / SR 134 in Pasadena
CountryUnited States
CountiesLos Angeles
Highway system

Interstate 710 (I-710) and State Route 710 (SR 710) are two highways in Los Angeles County, California. They are not connected, but they both go in the same north-south direction in line with each other. The I-710 (also called the Long Beach Freeway) goes from the Port of Los Angeles north along the Los Angeles River to East Los Angeles. Here, it continues north away from the river before ending near to the Interstate 10 at Alhambra. State Route 710 is short. It starts in Pasadena and goes north where it joins the Interstate 210. Together, these are about 23 miles (37 km) long.[2]

Exits[change | change source]

Except when a letter is put before it, postmiles were measured on the road as it was in 1964, based on how it was at the time, and do not necessarily show the current mileage. R reflects a change in the route since then, M indicates a second change, L refers an overlap because of a correction or change, and T indicates postmiles that were temporary (for a full list of prefixes, see the list of postmile definitions).[3] Segments that have not been built or are now controlled locally may be left out. The entire route is in Los Angeles County.

Long Beach SR 47 south  – San Pedro, ComptonSouth end of I-710
SR 47 north to SR 103 north  – Piers A S
Pier T Avenue – Piers S TNorthbound entrance only; southbound exit demolished for bridge construction
Gerald Desmond Bridge
Southbound 710 Freeway Connector closed for bridge construction.[7]
Pico AveSouthbound entrance only; temporary south end of southbound I-710 detour
4.96Port of Long Beach, Piers A-JNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
5.461AQueen Mary (Harbor Scenic Drive) – Piers F-JSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
5.981BPico Avenue – Piers B-ESouthbound exit and northbound entrance; temporary north end of southbound I-710 detour due to closure of connector bridge
6.061CDowntown Long Beach, Aquarium (Long Beach Freeway, Shoreline Drive)Southbound left exit and northbound entrance
6.381DAnaheim StreetSigned as exit 1 northbound
6.882 SR 1 (Pacific Coast Highway)  – Huntington Beach, Santa MonicaFormer US 101 Alternate / US 6
7.893Willow StreetSigned as exits 3A (east) and 3B (west)
9.074Wardlow RoadSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
9.414 I-405 (San Diego Freeway)  – San Diego, Santa MonicaFormer SR 7; I-405 exits 32A-B
10.826Del Amo BoulevardSigned as exits 6A (east) and 6B (west) northbound
12.017Long Beach BoulevardSigned as exits 7A (south) and 7B (north) southbound
12.898AArtesia BoulevardNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
12.978 SR 91 (Artesia Freeway, Gardena Freeway)  – Riverside, Redondo BeachSigned as exits 8A (east) and 8B (west) northbound and the opposite southbound; SR 91 exits 12A-B eastbound, 12A westbound
Compton13.959Alondra Boulevard – ComptonSigned as exits 9A (east) and 9B (west) southbound
ParamountR14.9810Rosecrans Avenue
LynwoodR15.6911A I-105 (Century Freeway)  – Norwalk, El SegundoSigned as exit 11 northbound; I-105 exit 13
11BMartin Luther King Jr. BoulevardSouthbound exit and entrance
South Gate16.9912Imperial HighwayLynwoodSigned as exits 12A (east) and 12B (west) southbound; Former SR 90
18.4413Firestone BoulevardFormer SR 42
Bell19.7315Florence AvenueBell
21.9217AAtlantic Boulevard, Bandini BoulevardSigned as exits 17A (north/east) and 17B (south/west) northbound
Commerce22.4517BWashington BoulevardCommerceSigned as exit 17C northbound
23.2818A I-5 north (Santa Ana Freeway)  – Los AngelesNorthbound exit and southbound entrance; I-5 exit 130B southbound
23.2818 I-5 south (Santa Ana Freeway)  – Santa AnaSouthbound exit and northbound entrance; I-5 exit 130C northbound
East Los Angeles23.7719Whittier Boulevard, Olympic BoulevardSigned as exit 18B northbound; Whittier Boulevard is former US 101 / SR 72
24.4720A3rd StreetSigned as exit 20B northbound
24.6320B SR 60 (Pomona Freeway)  – Pomona, Los AngelesSigned as exit 20A northbound; SR 60 exit 3B
24.9720CCesar Chavez Avenue
Monterey Park26.3821Ramona BoulevardNorthbound exit and southbound entrance; former US 99
Monterey ParkAlhambra line26.5022 I-10 (San Bernardino Freeway)  – Los Angeles, San Bernardino, PasadenaSigned as exits 22A (west) and 22B (east) southbound; north end of I-710; south end of SR 710; I-10 exit 21
AlhambraLos Angeles lineT27.4823Valley BoulevardAt-grade intersection; former US 60
Gap in route
PasadenaT30.95Columbia StreetAt-grade intersection
T31.76California BoulevardAt-grade intersection
South end of freeway
T32.11Del Mar BoulevardSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
T32.45Colorado BoulevardPasadenaSouthbound exit and northbound entrance; former US 66 Alt. / SR 11
R32.72 SR 134 west (Ventura Freeway)  – VenturaSR 134 exit 13B; northbound exit and southbound entrance
R32.72 I-210 (Foothill Freeway)  – San Fernando, San BernardinoI-210 exit 25A eastbound; northbound exit and southbound entrance; northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

South Harbor Scenic Drive spur (exit 1A)[change | change source]

The entire route is in Long Beach, Los Angeles County.

Queen MarySouthbound exit and northbound entrance
Harbor Scenic Drive, Harbor Plaza – Piers H-JSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
Harbor Plaza – Port of Long Beach, Piers F-GSouthbound exit only
Downtown Long Beach (Queensway Bridge)Northbound exit and entrance
Queensway DriveNorthbound exit and entrance
Pico Avenue – Piers F-GNo northbound exit
Downtown Long Beach (Ocean Boulevard)Northbound exit only
I-710 north (N. Harbor Scenic Drive)  – PasadenaNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Shoreline Drive spur (exit 1C)[change | change source]

The entire route is in Long Beach, Los Angeles County.

Pine Avenue (Shoreline Drive) – Convention Center, Shoreline VillageContinuation beyond Queensway Bridge
Queen Mary, Events Park, Cruise Ships (Queensway Bridge)At-grade intersection
Golden Shore, Catalina LandingSouthbound exit and entrance
Ocean BoulevardNorthbound exit and entrance
Shoreline DriveNorthbound U-turn
Pine Avenue, Broadway – Long Beach Civic CenterSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
6th Street east – Downtown Long BeachSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
9th Street, Anaheim Street – Port of Long BeachNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
I-710 north (Long Beach Freeway)  – PasadenaNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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