Irtysh River

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Irtysh River
Irtysh river basin map.png
A map of the Irtysh river basin
CountryMongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Russia
Physical characteristics
 - locationAltay Mountains
 - locationOb River
Length4,248 km (2,640 mi)
Basin size1,643,000 km2 (634,000 sq mi)
 - average2,150 m3/s (76,000 cu ft/s) (near Tobolsk)

The Irtysh River (Russian: Иртыш; Kazakh: Ertis / Ертiс; Chinese: 额尔齐斯河 / É'ěrqísī hé; Mongolian: Эрчис мөрөн, "Twirl"; Tatar: Cyrillic Иртеш, Latin İrteş) is a river in Siberia and Kazakhstan. It is the main tributary of the Ob River. The main tributary of the Irtysh is the Tobol River. The Ob-Irtysh forms a major drainage basin in Asia, and covers most of Western Siberia and the Altay Mountains.