Irtysh River

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Irtysh River
Irtysh River watershed
Origin Altay Mountains
Mouth Ob River
Basin countries Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia
Length 4,248 kilometres (2,640 mi)
Avg. discharge 2,150 cubic metres per second (76,000 cu ft/s) (near Tobolsk)
Basin area 1,643,000 square kilometres (634,000 sq mi)

The Irtysh River (Russian: Иртыш; Kazakh: Ertis / Ертiс; Chinese: 额尔齐斯河 / É'ěrqísī hé; Mongolian: Эрчис мөрөн, "Twirl"; Tatar Cyrillic: Иртеш, Latin: İrteş) is a river in Siberia and Kazakhstan. It is the main tributary of the Ob River. The main tributary of the Irtysh is the Tobol River. The Ob-Irtysh forms a major drainage basin in Asia, and covers most of Western Siberia and the Altay Mountains.