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The Beni Znassen, Beni-Snassen (Singular : Aznass), or Yat-Iznassen, is the largest confederation tribes in Eastern Morocco. It contains groups and fractions of Arab and Berber tribes originating mainly from the historical Znata tribe, in the provinces of Oujda, Berkane and Taourirt.

Beni Znassen mountains

History[change | change source]

The Iznassen are Berbers, Arabs and Arabized Berbers.

Berbers are :

  • Beni Khaled
  • Beni Menqouch
  • Beni 'Atiq
  • Beni Ourimech

Arabs are :

  • Ouled Sghir
  • Laatamna
  • Houara
  • Ouled Mansour

Layout[change | change source]

The 4 tribes of Yat Iznassen

  • Yat Khaled
    • Yat el Ghazi
    • Yat Taghejirt
    • Yat Drar
  • Yat Menqouch
    • Yat Ali ou Ammas
    • Ahl Sefrou
    • Bessara
    • Yat Mimoun
    • Yat Khellouf
  • Ayt 'Atiq
    • Tghasrout
    • Yat 'Ali U Yassin
    • Yat Amiyer
    • Yat Hammad
    • Tazaghine
    • Yat Moussi La'tach
    • Yat Moussi Rwa
    • Yat Mimoun
    • Yat Bouya'la
  • Yat Ourimech
    • Yat Bou 'Abdoussayed
    • Yat 'Ali Chbab
    • Yat Abbou
    • Yat Tagma
    • Yat Nouga
    • Yat Mahiou

Language[change | change source]

The east of Morocco has many different languages. Beni Iznasen mostly speak Arabic and a small minority can speak Arabic and Berber. Bilingualism sometimes occurs, mainly in the older generations. The younger generations usually only speak Arabic.

Arabic[change | change source]

The Arabic dialect of eastern Morocco is the so-called Hilali Arab dialect. It is similar to the dialects of Marrakech and Casablanca. It is different to the urban (pre-Hilali) dialects of Fes and the north of Morocco. This Arabic dialect also is similar to the dialect of western Algeria (Tlemcen), which borders the Beni Iznasen area.

Personalities[change | change source]

Personalities who are born or originally from the Beni Snassen region.

Sports[change | change source]

Hicham El Guerrouj - Olympian, World Record Fastest Mile

Hakim Ziyech - Footballer Chelsea, 2022 World Cup Morocco Team

Lahssen Akhmiss - Footballer

Abdelkader El Brazi - Footballer

Mohammed Berrabeh - Footballer

Ahmed Talbi - Footballer

Abdelkader Wahabi - Boxer

Politicians & Diplomats[change | change source]

Abbas Al Fassi - Prime Minister (2007), Minister of Housing (1977-1981), Minister of Handicraft and Social Affairs (1981-1985), Ambassador to Tunisia (1985-1990), Ambassador to France (1990-1994).

Mbarek Bekai - First Prime Minister of Morocco (1955-1958)

Anis Birou - Secretary of State (2007-2012)

Abdeladim El Guerrouj - Minister Deleguate for Public Services

Business[change | change source]

Fouzi Lekja - President of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, Businessman.

Mohammed Hamdi - Dutch Sports CEO - ADO Den Haag - International Director Feyenoord Rotterdam