Jadwiga Szubartowicz

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Jadwiga Szubartowicz
Born(1905-10-16)16 October 1905
Died20 July 2017(2017-07-20) (aged 111)
Lublin, Poland
Known forOldest living verified Polish person (2015–2017)
Spouse(s)Antoni Szubartowicz

Jadwiga Szubartowicz (née Skawińska; 16 October 1905 – 20 July 2017), was a Polish supercentenarian. She was the oldest living person in Poland until her death in 2017.

As a child, she spent several years with her family in Saint Petersburg (then Petrograd), where at the age of 12 she witnessed the October Revolution.[1]

During the German occupation her brother was arrested. After being detained for a week at the Majdanek concentration camp, he was released but was later arrested by the Germans in Kraków and sent to the concentration camp in Buchenwald, where he died.

On 1 August 2015, following the death of Jadwiga Młynek (1905–2015), Szubartowicz became the oldest Pole. The older Yisrael Kristal was born in what is now Poland, but moved to Israel after World War II. Szubartowicz's age was certified by the Gerontology Research Group who sent her greetings on her 110th birthday which she celebrated on 16 October 2015.[2]

On 20 July 2017, Szubartowicz died in Lublin of complications of pneumonia at the age of 111.[3]

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