Yisrael Kristal

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Yisrael Kristal
Yisrael Kristal.jpg
Yisrael Kristal in September 2016
Izrael Icek Kryształ

(1903-09-15)September 15, 1903
Died(2017-08-11)August 11, 2017
(aged 113 years, 330 days)
Known forOldest living man
(January 18, 2016 – August 11, 2017)
Oldest survivor of the Holocaust
  • Chaje Feige Frucht (married 1928, 2 children) until her death in the Holocaust
  • Batsheva (married 1947, 2 children)

Yisrael Kristal (born Izrael Icek Kryształ; Hebrew: ישראל קרישטל‎; September 15, 1903 – August 11, 2017) was a Polish-born Israeli supercentenarian and recognized as the oldest living man in the world until his death in August 2017.

Biography[change | change source]

Kristal was born to Jewish parents in Poland, then part of the Russian Empire. He experienced World War I as a child, and World War II as an adult. After surviving the Holocaust, he immigrated to Israel.

During World War II he was confined by the Nazi regime to a Jewish ghetto. His children died in the ghetto, but he and his wife were deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Kristal survived the Holocaust, but his wife did not. He remarried shortly after the War and, in 1950, emigrated to Israel with his second wife Batsheva, also a survivor of the Holocaust, and their infant child.

Kristal became the world's oldest recognized Holocaust survivor in 2014 and the world's oldest man in 2016.

Kristal celebrated his bar mitzvah in September 2016 at the age of 113.[1][2] He was unable to celebrate it when he turned 13 because of World War I.[3]

On August 11, 2017, Kristal died in his house at the age of 113 years and 330 days.[4] Francisco Núñez Olivera of Spain (born 13 December 1904) became the world's oldest man in his place.

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Preceded by
Yasutaro Koide
Oldest living man in the world
January 19, 2016 - August 11, 2017
Succeeded by
Francisco Núñez Olivera