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Yasutaro Koide

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Yasutaro Koide
BornMarch 13, 1903[1]
DiedJanuary 19, 2016
(age 112 years, 312 days)
Nagoya, Japan
Cause of deathpneumonia and heart failure
NationalityJapan Japanese
Known forOldest living man in the world (5 July 2015 - 19 January 2016)[2]

Yasutaro Koide (小出 保太郎, Koide Yasutaro)[1] (March 13, 1903 – January 19, 2016[2]) was a Japanese tailor and supercentenarian who was the oldest living man in the world at the time of his death at age 112 years, 312 days.[3] He was the oldest living person in Aichi Prefecture from Tsuya Miura's death on March 31, 2014 until his death.[4] He lived in Moriyama-ku, Nagoya.[4]

Life[change | change source]

Koide was born in Tsuruga, Japan on March 13, 1903, where he worked as a tailor, and worked in the field and was able to ride a tricycle until age 105 when he got a heatstroke and his only ambulance service, but besides that he had never been seriously ill.[5]

At age 107, Koide moved to Nagoya to live with his daughter. He had in total 7 children, 9 grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren and at least one great-great-grandchild.

At age 110, Koide could still read newspaper without glasses and eat food without dentures and said his favourite food was bread and the secret to his long life was avoiding to overdo things, and not to smoke or drink alcohol.

Koide became the world's oldest living man after the death of another Japanese man, Sakari Momoi, on 5 July 2015. In December 2015, Koide was hospitalized for chronic heart problems. He died at the hospital of pneumonia and heart failure at 0:17am on January 19, 2016.[6][7]

He was succeeded as the world's oldest living man by Yisrael Kristal[2] and as Japan's oldest living man by Masamitsu Yoshida.

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Preceded by
Sakari Momoi
Oldest Recognized Living Man
5 July 2015 - 19 January 2016
Succeeded by
Yisrael Kristal