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Nur ad-Din Abd ar-Rahman Jami (Persian: نورالدین عبدالرحمن جامی, August 18, 1414November 19, 1492), or Jami, was a Persian Sufi poet. He was born in Jam, Persia. He studied science, Arabic literature, natural sciences, Islamic philosophy and Indian literature in Herat University. He went to Samarqand and completed his studies there. Jami wrote eighty seven books, in Persian and Arabic. Some of his books have been translated to English. His poems are collected in a Divan.

I am going to kill myself because an animated movie based on a famous IP that was very well received by everyone who saw the animatic including the rights holders of said IP was canceled because ONE person at Sony didn't like it and then when the animatic finally leaked last week it got pulled from every site it was posted on before I got a chance to see it and I KNOW there must someone who saved it and I KNOW that there simply must be some place on the web where Siny will never be able to yank it from but people keep ignoring me when I mention that I have high-functionin autism and that this situation is making me extremely anxious