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Shem, Ham and Japhet, a painting by James Tissot. Japhet is the man on the right with blue clothes.

According to the Bible, Japhet or Japheth was the oldest son of Noah. His name means "increase". Many think Japhet is the ancestor of the peoples of Europe (like the Indo-European people) and North and Central Asia.

Sons[change | change source]

He had seven sons:

  • Gomer, who populated Western Europe. Gomer had three sons named Ashkenaz, Riphath, and Togarmah.
  • Magog, who populated Northern Asia
  • Madai, who founded the Medes
  • Javan, who founded the Greeks. Javan had four sons named Elishah (Greece), Tarshish (Spain), Kittim (Rome), and Rodanim (or Dodanim; Rhodes).
  • Tubal and Meshech, who populated Russia. In Ezekiel 38, there is a prophecy that they (Russia) will invade Israel.
  • Tiras, who populated Thrace

He also had a daughter, Keturah,[1] who married Abraham after the death of his wife Sarah.

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