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Chief Judge John Roll

John McCarthy Roll (8 February 1947 - 8 January 2011) was an American judge who shot dead in the 2011 Tucson shooting. Roll had stopped at an Arizona shopping center to meet Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who was holding an informal meeting.[1] A gunman attempted to assassinate Giffords, and Roll and four other people were killed. Another 12 people were wounded, Gifford surviving being shot in the head.

Roll had received death threats in the past. In 2009 he allowed a group of illegal immigrants to successfully sue a rancher, Roger Barnett. He had threatened, kicked and set his dogs onto the group. Barnett had argued they could not sue him because they had no legal rights in the US.[1]

Roll was appointed as a judge by President George H.W. Bush in 1991. Roll had been an Arizona state attorney, a US attorney and a state court judge.[2]

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