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Kadaif noodles
Kadaif noodles factory

Kadaif noodles are a type of thin noodles. They are made of flour and water that is poured through a sieve onto a hot metal cooking tray. The cooking time is very short. They are used to make Middle Eastern desserts and other foods around the Mediterranean Sea. It is a popular item used in desserts like Kadayif or Kanafeh.

The dough is made out of flour and water, combined into a thick batter. The batter is poured into a perforated tin having about fifteen "teeth." This tin is held over a metal hot plate. As the batter is poured through the tin onto the hot metal, the kadaife partially cooks and dries into long thin strands resembling noodles or shredded wheat. It is tightly rolled up into oblong rolls and packaged.

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