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Kelly (given name)

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Kelly [ kel-ee ][1] is a given name and family name. As a given name, Kelly is used mostly for females. However, there are some males with the name.

As a family name, Kelly has many origins. The family name started in the 19th century. It was used for a masculine name in the late 19th century. Feminine use began around 1940. By 1957, it surpassed male usage thanks to American actress Grace Kelly. Kelly is a gender-neutral name that has been in vogue for both male and female individuals for several decades. The name has roots in Ireland and is derived from the Gaelic term "ceallach," which signifies "warrior" or "fighter." Kelly has a fascinating past and is linked with numerous notable personalities, such as actors, musicians, and sportspeople.[2]

Kelly, as a girl's name, was at #900 in 1950. It peaked at #10 around 1977. Kelly is still popular as a girl's name, although it has declined. This name was ranked #849 on the US Popular Names in 2021.

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