Keyboard Cat

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Keyboard Cat is an internet meme. It is a video from 1984 of a female cat called "Fatso" wearing a blue shirt and "playing" an upbeat rhythm on an electronic keyboard. The video was posted to YouTube under the title "charlie schmidt's "cool cat"" in June 2007. Schmidt later changed the title to "Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat (THE ORIGINAL)".[1]

Fatso (1978-1987)[2][3] was owned by Charlie Schmidt of Spokane, Washington, United States.

"Keyboard Cat" was ranked No. 2 on Current TV's list of 50 Greatest Viral Videos.[4]

In 2009 Schmidt became owner of Bento, another cat that looked like Fatso, and which he used to create new Keyboard Cat videos, until Bento's death in March 2018.[5]

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