Kho people

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The Kho people, also known as Chitralis, are an ethnic group in Pakistan, living mainly around the Chitral District.[1] They speak the Khowar language. Their main religion is Sunni Islam. The Kho are excellent mountaineers who seemingly do not get tired or cold when working all day.[2]

Culture[change | change source]

Kho culture places heavy emphasis on poetry, song and dance. Kho people also have a great respect of law and order. Much of this can be attributed to Chitral being a stable kingdom for most of its history, where the rule of law and the will of the ruler came before tribal concepts such as revenge and isolationism.

Polo is a popular sport and pastime for the Kho people. Polo traditionally played by the Kho has little rules or organisation.

Dance and music play a large role in Kho society. Common clothing include the salwar kameez (long tunic and trousers) and headwear includes the pakol (chitrali hat).

Language[change | change source]

These people speak Khowar language which is an Indo-Aryan language of the Dardic subgroup.

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