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Zheng Chenggong
Zheng Chenggong.JPG
His statue on Gulangyu Island, Xiamen
Born August 1624
Hirado, Japan
Died June 23, 1662 (aged 37)
Tainan, Taiwan
Occupation Military leader
Title Guoxingye
Successor Zheng Jing
Spouse(s) Dong[1]
Children Zheng Jing, Zheng Xi
Parent(s) Zheng Zhilong (Father), Tagawa (Mother)

Koxinga - Lord with the Imperial Surname is the traditional Western spelling[2] of Zheng Chenggong (1624 - 1662). Koxinga was a leader at the end of the Chinese Ming Dynasty. He defeated the Dutch to claim Taiwan in 1662 at the Siege of Fort Zeelandia.

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