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Kronborg Castle

Kronborg is a castle near the town of Helsingør on the extreme north-east part of Zealand, Denmark.

The castle is at the narrowest point of the Øresund, the sound between Denmark and Sweden. In this part, the sound is only 4 km wide. Because of this it was important to keep a fortress to command one of the few outlets of the Baltic Sea. The castle has for centuries been one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe. It was added to UNESCO's World Heritage Sites list on November 30, 2000.[1]

People know Kronborg well as "Elsinore". This is the place where the play Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, written by William Shakespeare, is supposed to have happened. Hamlet was performed in the castle for the first time on the 200th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. The soldiers from the castle were some of the players.

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