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Kubuntu 10.10 main menu.png
Kubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat"
Company / developer Canonical Ltd and community contributors
OS family Linux
Working state Current
Source model Open source
Latest stable release 13.04 / April 25, 2013
Kernel type Monolithic kernel
Default user interface KDE
License Free software licenses
(mainly GPL)
Official website http://www.kubuntu.org/

Kubuntu is a version of the free Linux distribution Ubuntu.[1] It uses the desktop environment KDE instead of GNOME. Most of the software used in Kubuntu, is part of the KDE project, but all other software used in Ubuntu can also be used.[2]

Because the only difference of Kubuntu and Ubuntu is the default software, an Ubuntu system can turn into a Kubuntu system, or a Kubuntu system into an Ubuntu system, only by installing some software.

Some examples of changes in software:

  • Adept is used instead of Synaptic
  • Konqueror is used instead of Firefox
  • Kopete is used instead of Gaim
  • KTorrent is used instead of Transmission

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