Kya Dark Lineage

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Kya Dark Lineage is an action adventure game for the PlayStation 2.

Kya Dark Lineage is about a girl named Kya. Kya gets thrown into another world with her brother Frank. Kya ends up helping creatures called Nativs. Nativs are little cat people. The Nativs are being attacked by Brazul, Kya's father who has powerful magic and turns Nativs into creatures called Wolfun. Wolfun are bad, Kya can fight Wolfun and defeat them. She can also turn them back into Nativs. Kya goes on a mission to save her brother Frank who was captured by Brazul, fight Wolfun and turn them back into Nativs, beat up Brazul and find a way back home.

In America, Wolfun is Wolfen.

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