La Güera

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La Güera
Ghost town
La Güera ruins viewed from Mauritania, January 2003
La Güera ruins viewed from Mauritania, January 2003
Claimed by MoroccoKingdom of Morocco
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Controlled by Mauritania Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Founded 30 November 1920
Time zone GMT

La Güera (also known as La Agüera, Lagouira, or El Gouera) (Arabic: الكويرة) is a ghost town on the Atlantic coast at the southern tip of Western Sahara. It is on the western side of the Ras Nouadhibou peninsula. The ghost town is 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) west of Nouadhibou. It is also the name of a daira at the Sahrawi refugee camps in south-western Algeria. The name comes from the Spanish word Agüera which is a ditch which carries rainwater to the crops. By 2002, it had been abandoned and parts of it had been covered by sand. At the time, only a few Imraguen fishermen lived there[1][2] and the area was guarded by a Mauritanian military outpost, despite this not being formally Mauritanian territory.[2]

La Güera is the southernmost town of Western Sahara. It is claimed by both the Kingdom of Morocco and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. Lagouira is situated south of the Moroccan Wall, and abandoned by both Moroccan and POLISARIO forces.

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