Lanmei Thanbi

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Lanmei Thanbi
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Sub groupingMeitei mythology (Manipuri mythology)
Similar entitiesWill o' the wisp, Jack-o'-lantern and Ignis Fatuus
FolkloreMeitei folklore (Manipuri folklore)
Other name(s)Langmei Thanbi

Lanmei Thanbi (Old Manipuri: Lanmei Thanpi) or Langmei Thanbi (Old Manipuri: Langmei Thanpi) is a spirit that appeared in the form of a light flickering over the marshes in Meitei mythology and folklore of Ancient Manipur (Antique Kangleipak). Legend says that it leads people to astray if it chases them. It is sometimes regarded as parallel to the Will o' the wisp, Jack-o'-lantern and Ignis Fatuus of the European folklore.[1][2]

In ancient times, people used to say:

"Lanmei Thanbi toi toi!
Hangen Poura kit![1]"

It is roughly translated as:

"Come Lanmei Thanbi, come, if you dare. We will nab you with hangen (bamboo skeleton used for stretching fishing nets) and poura (bamboo pole on which hangen is attached or tied).[1]"

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