Latin-1 Supplement

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Latin-1 Supplement is a Unicode block. It has 128 characters. The characters in the block are control characters, punctuation, and letters with diacritics.[1] All of the characters were added in the first version of Unicode.[2] This block was named Latin1 in the first version.[3]

Symbols[change | change source]

Latin-1 Supplement[4]
Character Meaning Code
Control characters
Padding character U+0080
High octet preset U+0081
Break permitted here[4] U+0082
No break here[4] U+0083
Index[4] U+0084
Next line[4] U+0085
Start of selected area[4] U+0086
End of selected area[4] U+0087
Character tabulation set[4] U+0088
Character tabulation set with justification[4] U+0089
Line tabulation set[4] U+008A
Partial line forward[4] U+008B
Partial line backward[4] U+008C
Reverse line feed[4] U+008D
Single shift two[4] U+008E
Single shift three[4] U+008F
Device control string[4] U+0090
Private use one[4] U+0091
Private use two[4] U+0092
Set transmit state[4] U+0093
Cancel character[4] U+0094
Message waiting[4] U+0095
Start of guarded area[4] U+0096
End of guarded area[4] U+0097
Start of string[4] U+0098
Single graphic character introducer U+0099
Single character introducer[4] U+009A
Control sequence introducer[4] U+009B
String terminator[4] U+009C
Operating system command[4] U+009D
Privacy Message[4] U+009E
Application program command[4] U+009F
Punctuation and letters
  Non-breaking space U+00A0
¡ Inverted exclamation mark U+00A1
¢ Cent sign U+00A2
£ Pound sign U+00A3
¤ Currency sign U+00A4
¥ Yen sign U+00A5
¦ Broken bar U+00A6
§ Section sign U+00A7
¨ Diaeresis U+00A8
© Copyright symbol U+00A9
ª Feminine ordinal indicator U+00AA
« Left guillemet U+00AB
¬ Not sign (used in logical negation) U+00AC
­ Soft hyphen U+00AD
® Registered trademark symbol U+00AE
¯ Macron U+00AF
° Degree symbol U+00B0
± Plus–minus sign U+00B1
² Superscript 2 U+00B2
³ Superscript 3 U+00B3
´ Acute accent U+00B4
µ Micro sign U+00B5
Pilcrow U+00B6
· Interpunct U+00B7
¸ Cedilla U+00B8
¹ Superscript 1 U+00B9
º Masculine ordinal indicator U+00BA
» Right guillemet U+00BB
¼ Fraction one quarter U+00BC
½ Fraction one half U+00BD
¾ Fraction three quarters U+00BE
¿ Inverted question mark U+00BF
À Capital A with grave U+00C0
Á Capital A with acute U+00C1
 Capital A with circumflex U+00C2
à Capital A with tilde U+00C3
Ä Capital A with diaeresis U+00C4
Å Capital A with ring above U+00C5
Æ Capital AE U+00C6
Ç Capital C with cedilla U+00C7
È Capital E with grave U+00C8
É Capital E with acute U+00C9
Ê Capital E with circumflex U+00CA
Ë Capital E with diaeresis U+00CB
Ì Capital I with grave U+00CC
Í Capital I with acute U+00CD
Î Capital I with circumflex U+00CE
Ï Capital I with diaeresis U+00CF
Ð Capital Eth U+00D0
Ñ Capital N with tilde U+00D1
Ò Capital O with grave U+00D2
Ó Capital O with acute U+00D3
Ô Capital O with circumflex U+00D4
Õ Capital O with tilde U+00D5
Ö Capital O with diaeresis U+00D6
× Multiplication sign U+00D7
Ø Capital O with stroke U+00D8
Ù Capital U with grave U+00D9
Ú Capital U with acute U+00DA
Û Capital U with circumflex U+00DB
Ü Capital U with diaeresis U+00DC
Ý Capital Y with acute U+00DD
Þ Capital Thorn U+00DE
ß Sharp S U+00DF
à Lowercase A with grave U+00E0
á Lowercase A with acute U+00E1
â Lowercase A with circumflex U+00E2
ã Lowercase A with tilde U+00E3
ä Lowercase A with diaeresis U+00E4
å Lowercase A with ring above U+00E5
æ Lowercase AE U+00E6
ç Lowercase C with Cedilla U+00E7
è Lowercase E with grave U+00E8
é Lowercase E with acute U+00E9
ê Lowercase E with circumflex U+00EA
ë Lowercase E with diaeresis U+00EB
ì Lowercase I with grave U+00EC
í Lowercase I with acute U+00ED
î Lowercase I with circumflex U+00EE
ï Lowercase I with diaeresis U+00EF
ð Lowercase Eth U+00F0
ñ Lowercase N with tilde U+00F1
ò Lowercase O with grave U+00F2
ó Lowercase O with acute U+00F3
ô Lowercase O with circumflex U+00F4
õ Lowercase O with tilde U+00F5
ö Lowercase O with diaeresis U+00F6
÷ Division sign U+00F7
ø Lowercase O with stroke U+00F8
ù Lowercase U with grave U+00F9
ú Lowercase U with acute U+00FA
û Lowercase U with circumflex U+00FB
ü Lowercase U with diaeresis U+00FC
ý Lowercase Y with acute U+00FD
þ Lowercase Thorn U+00FE
ÿ Lowercase Y with diaeresis U+00FF

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