Latin Extended-A

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Latin Extended-A is a Unicode block. The block has characters of letters with diacritics. This block was named European Latin in the first version.[1]

They are used by languages other than English. The symbols usually show a change in sound, but in some cases (circumflex in French) they signal a (historic) change in spelling. The general purpose of diacritics is disambiguation of sounds. This reflects the fact that the alphabet has many fewer letters than sounds.

Symbols[change | change source]

Latin Extended-A[2]
Character Meaning Code
Ā Letter A with macron. U+0100
ā U+0101
Ă Letter A with breve. U+0102
ă U+0103
Ą Letter A with ogonek. U+0104
ą U+0105
Ć Letter C with acute accent. U+0106
ć U+0107
Ĉ Letter C with circumflex. U+0108
ĉ U+0109
Ċ Letter C with dot above. U+010A
ċ U+010B
Č Letter C with caron. U+010C
č U+010D
Ď Letter D with caron. U+010E
ď U+010F
Đ Letter D with stroke. U+0110
đ U+0111
Ē Letter E with macron. U+0112
ē U+0113
Ĕ Letter E with breve. U+0114
ĕ U+0115
Ė Letter E with dot above. U+0116
ė U+0117
Ę Letter E with ogonek. U+0118
ę U+0119
Ě Letter E with caron. U+011A
ě U+011B
Ĝ Letter G with circumflex. U+011C
ĝ U+011D
Ğ Letter G with breve. U+011E
ğ U+011F
Ġ Letter G with dot. U+0120
ġ U+0121
Ģ Letter G with cedilla. U+0122
ģ U+0123
Ĥ Letter H with circumflex. U+0124
ĥ U+0125
Ħ Letter H with stroke. U+0126
ħ U+0127
Ĩ Letter I with tilde. U+0128
ĩ U+0129
Ī Letter I with macron. U+012A
ī U+012B
Ĭ Letter I with breve. U+012C
ĭ U+012D
Į Letter I with ogonek. U+012E
į U+012F
İ Capital letter I with dot above. U+0130
ı Lowercase letter I with no dot. U+0131
IJ Ligature IJ. U+0132
ij U+0133
Ĵ Letter J with circumflex. U+0134
ĵ U+0135
Ķ Letter K with cedilla. U+0136
ķ U+0137
ĸ Lowercase letter kra. U+0138
Ĺ Letter L with acute accent. U+0139
ĺ U+013A
Ļ Letter L with cedilla. U+013B
ļ U+013C
Ľ Letter L with caron. U+013D
ľ U+013E
Ŀ Letter L with interpunct (middle dot). U+013F
ŀ U+0140
Ł Letter L with stroke. U+0141
ł U+0142
Ń Letter N with acute accent. U+0143
ń U+0144
Ņ Letter N with cedilla. U+0145
ņ U+0146
Ň Letter N with caron. U+0147
ň U+0148
ʼn Lowercase letter N with an apostrophe. Unicode does not want people to use this character anymore. They want people to just use an apostrophe with an "n" after it instead.[3] U+0149
Ŋ Letter Eng. U+014A
ŋ U+014B
Ō Letter O with macron. U+014C
ō U+014D
Ŏ Letter O with breve. U+014E
ŏ U+014F
Ő Letter O with double acute accent. U+0150
ő U+0151
ΠLetter OE. U+0152
œ U+0153
Ŕ Letter R with acute accent. U+0154
ŕ U+0155
Ŗ Letter R with cedilla. U+0156
ŗ U+0157
Ř Letter R with caron. U+0158
ř U+0159
Ś Letter S with acute accent. U+015A
ś U+015B
Ŝ Letter S with circumflex. U+015C
ŝ U+015D
Ş Letter S with cedilla. U+015E
ş U+015F
Š Letter S with caron. U+0160
š U+0161
Ţ Letter T with cedilla. U+0162
ţ U+0163
Ť Letter T with caron. U+0164
ť U+0165
Ŧ Letter T with stroke. U+0166
ŧ U+0167
Ũ Letter U with tilde. U+0168
ũ U+0169
Ū Letter U with macron. U+016A
ū U+016B
Ŭ Letter U with breve. U+016C
ŭ U+016D
Ů Letter U with ring above. U+016E
ů U+016F
Ű Letter U with double acute accent. U+0170
ű U+0171
Ų Letter U with ogonek. U+0172
ų U+0173
Ŵ Letter W with circumflex. U+0174
ŵ U+0175
Ŷ Letter Y with circumflex. U+0176
ŷ U+0177
Ÿ Capital letter Y with diaeresis. U+0178
Ź Letter Z with acute accent. U+0179
ź U+017A
Ż Letter Z with dot above. U+017B
ż U+017C
Ž Letter Z with caron. U+017D
ž U+017E
ſ Lowercase letter long S. U+017F

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