Lidder Valley

Coordinates: 33°46′35″N 75°12′48″E / 33.77639°N 75.21333°E / 33.77639; 75.21333
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Lidder Valley
Liddar Valley
The Lidder Valley at Pahalgam
Length25 mi (40 km)
Width3 mi (4.8 km)
StateJammu and Kashmir
Population centerPahalgam
Borders onSind Valley (North)
Kashmir Valley (West)
Coordinates33°46′35″N 75°12′48″E / 33.77639°N 75.21333°E / 33.77639; 75.21333
Mountain rangeHimalayas
RiverLidder River

The Lidder Valley is a valley in the Himalayas around the southeastern part of the Anantnag District in the Indian part of Kashmir.[1][2] The Lidder River goes down the valley. The way into the valley is 7 kilometers northeast of Anantnag and 62 kilometers southeast of Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a 40 kilometer long ravine valley being 3 kilometers in width on average.[3]

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