List of cities in the Czech Republic

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Map of the Czech Republic
Prague, Capital of the Czech Republic

This is a list of cities in the Czech Republic.

List of cities (statutární město in Czech)[change | change source]

Name Population[1] Area (km²) Region
Prague flag with CoA.svg Prague (Praha) 1,391,508Increase 496 Prague
Flag of Brno.svg Brno 377,028Increase 230 South Moravian Region
Flag of Ostrava.svg Ostrava 314,590Decrease 214 Moravian-Silesian Region
Flag of Plzen.svg Plzeň 177,936Increase 138 Plzeň Region
Flag of Liberec.svg Liberec 105,229Increase 106 Liberec Region
Olomouc flag.png Olomouc 102,134Decrease 103 Olomouc Region
Flag of Usti nad Labem.svg Ústí nad Labem 100,884Increase 94 Ústí nad Labem Region
Flag of Hradec Kralove.svg Hradec Králové 100,090Decrease 106 Hradec Králové Region
Flag of Ceske Budejovice.svg České Budějovice 95,709Decrease 56 South Bohemian Region
Flag of Pardubice.svg Pardubice 90,755Increase 78 Pardubice Region
Havirov prapor.gif Havířov 83,233Decrease 32 Moravian-Silesian Region
Flag of Zlin.svg Zlín 80,273Decrease 119 Zlín Region
Kladno prapor.gif Kladno 75,006Decrease 37 Central Bohemian Region
Flag of Most.svg Most 68,980Increase 87 Ústí nad Labem Region
Karwina flag.svg Karviná 63,193Decrease 57 Moravian-Silesian Region
Flag of Frydek-Mistek.svg Frýdek-Místek 62,821Decrease 52 Moravian-Silesian Region
Opava Flag.png Opava 60,793Decrease 91 Moravian-Silesian Region
Karlovy Vary (CZE) - flag.gif Karlovy Vary 53,691Increase 59 Karlovy Vary Region
Flag of Teplice.svg Teplice 53,193Increase 24 Ústí nad Labem Region
Flag of Decin.svg Děčín 52,589Increase 118 Ústí nad Labem Region
Jihlava prapor.gif Jihlava 51,375Increase 79 Vysočina Region
Chomutov prapor.gif Chomutov 50,454Decrease 29 Ústí nad Labem Region
Prerov.jpg Přerov 49,781Decrease 59 Olomouc Region
Flag of Mlada Boleslav.svg Mladá Boleslav 49,757Increase 29 Central Bohemian Region

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