List of cities in Azerbaijan

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There are 69 urban settlements in Azerbaijan with the official status of a city (Azerbaijani: şəhər). They are:

Most populous Azerbaijani cities[change | change source]

List of ten cities, including the capital Baku (2,122,300), with the largest populations, according to the 2012 census.[1]

Rank Azerbaijani City Population Image Description
1 Bakı Baku 2,122,300 (2015) A view to Baku and it's Boulevard.JPG Capital and largest city in Azerbaijan. The country's economic powerhouse
2 Gəncə Ganja 328,400 (2015) Ganaj-16.JPG Second-largest city in Azerbaijan
3 Sumqayıt Sumqayit 298,000 (2015) New buildings in Sumgayit.JPG Third-largest city & Second largest seaport in Azerbaijan
4 Mingəçevir Mingachevir 100,775 (2012) Mingachevir Az.jpg Mingachevir is a city in the north of the country
5 Xırdalan Khirdalan 92,000 (2009) Alleya Khirdalan.jpg Khirdalan is a suburban city
6 Şirvan Shirvan 85,000 (2012) Shirvan city.jpg Located along the Kura river
7 Şəki Shaki 67,000 (2012) Caravanserai-Sheki.jpg Shaki is a city known for its rich history.
8 Yevlax Yevlakh 58,000 (2012)
9 Lənkəran Lankaran 50,000 (2012) Samovar Lenkoran Azerbaijan.JPG Lankaran is a city in the south.

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