List of cities in Uzbekistan

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This is a list of cities in Uzbekistan. The names of many places have been changed during the last century, sometimes more than once. Wherever possible, the old names are on the list and linked to the new names.

Map of Uzbekistan
Tashkent, Capital of Uzbekistan

Largest cities[change | change source]

The native Uzbek name of each city is listed in parenthesis.

Rank City Population (2007) Province
1 Tashkent (Toshkent) 1,959,190 Tashkent City
2 Samarkand (Samarqand) 596,600 Samarqand Region
3 Namangan 446,237 Namangan Region
4 Andijan (Andijon) 321,622 Andijan Region
5 Bukhara (Buxoro) 249,037 Bukhara Region
6 Nukus 240,734 Karakalpakstan
7 Qarshi 231,022 Qashqadaryo Region
8 Kokand (Qo‘qon) 187,021 Fergana Region
9 Chirchiq 168,396 Tashkent Region
10 Fergana (Fargʻona) 161,552 Fergana Region
11 Jizzakh (Jizzax) 159,534 Jizzakh Region
12 Urgench (Urganch) 152,266 Xorazm Region
13 Termez (Termiz) 147,308 Surxondaryo Region
14 Margilan (Marg‘ilon) 132,993 Fergana Region
15 Navoiy 131,858 Navoiy Region

Alphabetical list[change | change source]