Shaki, Azerbaijan

Coordinates: 41°11′31″N 47°10′14″E / 41.19194°N 47.17056°E / 41.19194; 47.17056
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Official seal of Shaki
Shaki is located in Azerbaijan
Location of Shaki in Azerbaijan
Coordinates: 41°11′31″N 47°10′14″E / 41.19194°N 47.17056°E / 41.19194; 47.17056
Country Azerbaijan
 • GovernorElkhan Usubov
 • Total9 km2 (3 sq mi)
Elevation700 m (2,300 ft)
 • Total68,400
 • Density7,600/km2 (20,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+4 (AZT)
Historic Centre of Sheki with the Khan’s Palace
UNESCO World Heritage Site
CriteriaCultural: ii, v
Inscription2019 (43rd Session)
Area120.5 ha
Buffer zone146 ha

Shaki (Azerbaijani: Şəki) is a city in northwestern Azerbaijan, surrounded by the district of the same name. It is located on the southern part of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, 240 km (150 mi) from Baku. As of 2020, it has a population of 68,400.[2] The center of the city and the Palace of Shaki Khans were inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2019 because of its unique architecture and its history as an important trading center along the Silk Road.[3]

Geography[change | change source]

Shaki is surrounded by snowy peaks of the Greater Caucasus, which in some places reaches 3000–3600 m. The average annual temperature in Shaki is 12 °C.

The mountain forests around the area prevent the city from floods and overheating of the area during summer. During the Soviet rule of Azerbaijan, many ascended to Shaki to bathe in its prestigious mineral springs.

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