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List of counties in Delaware

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Delaware counties

The state of Delaware has three counties: New Castle, Kent, and Sussex, the fewest counties of any U.S. state.[1] The origin of the county boundaries goes back to former court districts. The powers of the counties' legislative bodies are limited to issues such as zoning and development.

Politics and government[change | change source]

Each county elects a legislative body (known in New Castle and Sussex counties as the County Council, and in Kent County as the Levy Court). The counties are able to raise taxes and borrow money. They also have control over garbage disposal, water supply, sewerage, zoning, development, and building codes.[2]

Most functions which are handled on a county-by-county basis in other states—such as court and law enforcement—have been centralized in Delaware, leading to a significant amount of power in the Delaware state government.

FIPS code[3] County seat[4] Established[4] History[5] Meaning of name[5] Population
Area[4] Map
Kent County 001 Dover 1680 Created from Whorekill (Hoarkill) District. Formerly known as St. Jones County. named in 1682 by William Penn for the English county of Kent 181,851 800 sq mi
(2,072 km2)
State map highlighting Kent County
New Castle County 003 Wilmington 1664 Original County (Formally New Amstel) named in 1673 by Dutch Governor Anthony Colve for the town of New Castle, Delaware as an Anglicization of Nieuw Amstel. 570,719 494 sq mi
(1,279 km2)
State map highlighting New Castle County
Sussex County 005 Georgetown 1664 Created from Whorekill (Hoarkill) District. Formerly known as Deale County named in 1682 by William Penn for the English county of Sussex, which was his home county 237,378 1,196 sq mi
(3,098 km2)
State map highlighting Sussex County

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