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Louise Goodman
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Occupationtelevision presenter
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Louise Goodman is one of two pitlane reporters for ITV's Formula One coverage. Before this she worked in marketing for the Jordan team. She started television broadcast in 1997.[1]

She is said to be the first woman of Formula One live coverage. Louise Goodman has been ITV's roving pitlane reporter since ITV took the broadcast in 1997. She usually does driver interviews, while Ted Kravitz brings news from the teams about technical or tactical matters. She is taller than many F1 drivers, and is known for wearing much jewellery on her arm.

Goodman became the first female to be part of a pit stop when she removed the left rear tire in a Midland pit stop for Tiago Monteiro in 2006 British Grand Prix.

During Q3 in Hungaroring 2006 she interviewed David Coulthard. Coulthard had been knocked out in Q2. She asked him how the cold weather was affecting him. He answered," Ummm...well, it’s a lot nicer to look at you in your tight t-shirts first out." Goodman sounded startled when she replied, " Thank you so much DC. I'll have a word with you later."[source?] They then went back to the main commentary team who also sounded rather flustered.

In 2007, she became the presenter of ITV's coverage of the British Touring Car Championship. Her co-presenter was Ted Kravitz.

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