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A presenter, or host (sometimes hostess, in female form), is a person or group that controls an event. For example, A museum or university may be the presenter or host of an exhibit. A master of ceremonies (also MC, emcee, or host) is a person that hosts or presents a show.[1] In television, mainly British, a presenter is the person who hosts, narrates or takes the main role in the program.

Television presenter[change | edit source]

A television presenter is a person who introduces or hosts television programmes. It is common for minor celebrities to do this. There are also many people whose main job is presenting. This is very common with children's television series. One example of this is Mister Rogers.

Some presenters may also be an actor, model, singer, comedian or other profession. Others may be experts on certain things. These include scientists or politicians They work as presenters for a programme about what they are an expert at. For instance, Carl Sagan, an astronomer was the host of Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, a television series that dealt understanding the universe. Some television presenters are celebrities who have made their name in one area and use their fame to work in other areas. Examples of this include British comedian Michael Palin who now presents programmes about travel (such as Around the World in 80 Days), and Alan Alda, who has presented Scientific American Frontiers.

The term is also used in other countries, such as Ireland. In the United States, the term host or MC (Master of Ceremonies) is commonly used.

Other presenters[change | edit source]

There are presenters for many types of things. These include:

  • Radio presenter: A radio presenter (or radio personality) is similar to a television presenter, except that they present radio programs instead of television programs. Well known radio presenters include Dale Winton, Chris Moyles, Howard Stern, and .
  • News presenter
  • Sports presenter: A sports commentator (also sports announcer, sports broadcaster, sportscaster, or sports presenter) is a type of journalist who reports or comments on sporting events. This is usually done while the event is happening.
  • Weather presenter: A weather presenter is a type of journalist on television who presents weather forecasts.

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