Ludmila Belousova

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Ludmila Yevgenyevna Belousova
Ludmila Belousova 1965.jpg
Belousova in October 1965
Personal information
Birth nameЛюдмила Евгеньевна Белоусова
Born22 November 1935
Died29 September 2017(2017-09-29) (aged 81)

Ludmila Yevgenyevna Belousova (Russian: Людмила Евгеньевна Белоусова; 22 November 1935 – 29 September 2017) was a Russian-Swiss pair skater. She was born in Ulyanovsk, Russian SFSR.

Career[change | change source]

Belousova represented the Soviet Union. With her partner and husband Oleg Protopopov she was a two-time Olympic champion (1964, 1968) and four-time World champion (1965–1968). In 1979 the pair defected to Switzerland and became Swiss citizens in 1995.[1] They continued to skate at ice shows and exhibitions through their seventies.

Belousova died on 29 September 2017 at the age of 81.[2]

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